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Pittsford is a popular suburb and is 23.4 square miles located in the south east quadrant of Monroe County and is 8 miles from the city of Rochester. The town of Pittsford was developed after the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 which runs directly through the town. Notable residents of Pittsford are Tyson Beckford who is a model and an actor, Chuck Mangione a renowned international Jazz Trumpeter, and Abby Wambach a two-time Olympic gold medalist soccer player. Housing in Pittsford is of medium density with properties organized into neighborhoods and is the most expensive place to live in Monroe County. Maintaining this density level is important to the community and the Greenprint Plan, adopted in 1996, was created to prevent open spaces from further residential development. The Plan involved the purchase of development rights for 2/3 of the remaining farmland assuring that green spaces would be preserved. Pittsford became the first town in the State of New York to save open space by purchasing development rights. The plan has received national recognition as an example of successful open space preservation. Pittsford is a community that places a high value on educational excellence. With 43% of residents report having a Master’s degree or higher compared to the national average of 12%, it is no surprise to learn that the Pittsford School District is ranked as one of the highest in the state. Pittsford is the home of two institutions of higher learning, Nazereth College and St. John Fisher University which is the home of the Buffalo Bills Football Team Summer Camp.  The town of Pittsford is a popular destination spot for residents across the county who come to walk along the canal path and the charming streets filled with boutiques, restaurants, and the Pittsford Town Library. Pittsford is the home of five country clubs and is the proud host of many national and international golf tournaments.

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